Hemp and Health Foods Distributor, Pharm2Shelf Partners with St.Pete, FL based Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolate Company, Fungible Chocolates to Supply Retailers Across 13 States

Hemp and Health Foods Distributor, Pharm2Shelf Partners with St.Pete, FL based Adaptogenic Mushroom Chocolate Company, Fungible Chocolates to Supply Retailers Across 13 States

The companies have come together to share their mutual appreciation for the healing power of mushrooms and the delight of dark chocolate. Pharm2Shelf is Fungible Chocolate’s first distribution partner, and this marks a special moment for Fungible Chocolate’s future and brings them a step closer to becoming an established American mushroom chocolate products producer. 

The companies made their first public appearance as partners at KushCon Tampa, August 6-7, 2022 where Pharm2Shelf showcased several of their hemp products and Fungible Chocolates bars. Maria Garces, the founder of Fungible Chocolates is excited about the partnership and very optimistic about the 2 companies future, “I am deeply grateful for Pharm2Shelf and I believe they are the perfect distributor for Fungible Chocolates. We fit perfectly into their current product mix and we are very aligned philosophically. Both of our goals is to supply high quality products made with simple ingredients that are truly good for you. It doesn’t get better than this”. And Mike Smith, the Owner and Operator of Pharm2Shelf, is equally happy about the collaboration, “ We are very excited to have Fungible Chocolates join the Pharm Family! Having these delicious and functional products in our portfolio allows us to educate and showcase the evolving crossroads of cannabinoids and mushrooms.”

Maria Garces (founder of Fungible Chocolates) , Caitlyn Smith, and Michael Smith (Pharm2Shelf Owners & Operators) standing together at KushCon 2022

About Pharm2Shelf

Pharm2Shelf is a co-op of hemp farmers and manufacturers dedicated to making quality craft batch hemp and wellness products. Their aim is to spread the knowledge and understanding of herbal wellness and cannabis from coast to coast! Their website showcases the hardworking farmers and manufacturers that drive the hemp and wellness industry. 

Their experience blended with passion, integrity and mindfulness ensures low pricing on high quality products, easy online marketplace ordering, personalized customer service, customized team product training, specialty products and unique offerings, and most importantly trusted sources to find tested, high quality products.

About Fungible Chocolates

Fungible Chocolates is a healthy chocolate company that specializes in mushroom chocolate bars. The chocolates are made with adaptogenic mushrooms that help the body and mind better adapt to life's ups and downs.

The first chocolate in their line of Fungible Chocolates features Lion’s Mane mushrooms and is made with 3 simple ingredients; cacao, coconut sugar, and 2000mg of lion’s mane mushroom extract. Fungible Chocolate bars are vegan, low glycemic, gluten-free, paleo, and are 85% dark chocolate.

Fungible Chocolates is more than healthy chocolate, it’s a philosophy. Encouraging people to embody the adaptable and resourceful nature of mushrooms to increase their quality of life. Being Fungible (“Be Fungible” is their tagline) is a mindset and a way of approaching the world with open hands, an open heart, and an open mind that’s ready to receive and make the best of what comes our way.

About KushCon

KushCon Tampa is bringing more than 7,500 attendees together over two days for education, networking, and more all along the beautiful Florida coast. Browse more than 150 booths from leading hemp brands, take in 100+ sessions with industry professionals,, and network with distributors and retailers all weekend at #KushConTampa!