Fungible Chocolates Partners with Malbec Bay to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month in Tampa Bay

Fungible Chocolates Partners with Malbec Bay to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month in Tampa Bay

Offering wine and chocolate pairing boxes to celebrate Latino culture and people 

Hispanic Heritage Gift Box Tampa

Fungible Chocolates is thrilled to announce that it has launched a partnership deal with Malbec Bay to produce a special gift box containing the perfect blend of wine and Lion's Mane mushroom chocolate. Launched on the 22nd of August, 2022, the partnership was created to celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month, giving people an opportunity to share happiness and the delight of wine and dark chocolate with their loved ones. The wine and chocolate gift box is the ideal treat for a get-together with friends, date night, and even to enjoy some relaxing personal time.

Most fascinatingly, the gift box is accompanied by several surprises such as a bottle of Chañarmuyo Estate Malbec 2019, 1 Lion's Mane Mushroom Dark Chocolate Bar 85%, 1 "Winedana" to catch any drips, 2 Wine Charms, a handwritten card, tasting tools and a tutorial on how to taste the wine. This all-inclusive, luxurious gift box is perfect for the season and excellent for any occasion. Gifting this exceptional and unique package is sure to spread joy and love to those that experience it!

Fungible Chocolates contain 85% dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar and supercharged with 500mg of lion's mane mushroom extract per serving. Specializing in producing healthy mushroom chocolate bars, Fungible Chocolates ensures that its adaptogenic mushroom chocolate bars promote clarity, presence, and delight for the body and mind. The company's first chocolate bar features 2000mg of Lion's Mane mushrooms, cacao, and coconut sugar. Each Fungible Chocolates bar is vegan, low glycemic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and paleo, and the brand encourages customers to embody the adaptable nature of mushrooms to improve their quality of life, one healthy chocolaty bite at a time. 

More so, Malbec Bay was founded by two sisters who firmly believe in the captivating power of wine and how it can bring friends and families together. Intending to spread the passion for wine to the world, the company offers curated, hand-delivered wine boxes in Tampa Bay featuring wines with captivating and complex natural flavors. 

"My sister Victoria and I are very happy to have partnered with Fungible Chocolates. Their Lion's Mane Mushroom dark chocolate is excellent and pairs perfectly with the Chañarmuyo Estate Malbec that we selected for this wine gift box," said Mercedes, Co-Founder of Malbec Bay.

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